Are you a first time parent and not sure what awaits you in childbirth?

Are you interested in learning more about the physiology of labor and how to cope with contractions when its finally "the big day"?

Do you have a birth partner that wants to be knowledgable about how to best support you during labor?

Are you already a parent who is looking to become more informed before giving birth a second+ time? Maybe even looking to have a different experience this next round as compared to a previous birth?

There is no more important day to prepare for than the day you birth your baby. When you are educated and informed about your birthing time, you feel empowered and confident. When you know what to expect, you feel more calm and ready to take on the challenge of childbirth.

Join me to learn about all the birthy things and begin your journey into childbirth and beyond feeling super prepared!


Tuesday evenings via Zoom @ 6pm-8pm beginning on September 7

$350 per couple/individual

Venmo/Paypal/Check/Cash accepted

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Learning is always more fun with friends!

Invite a friend and you both get $50 off