I don't even know where to begin with my review! Florencia is absolutely a-may-zing! Meeting her before my delivery reassured me she was going to be the advocate and support I know I would want by my side during delivery. Then she exceeded my expectations during the birth! She was right by my side to support me but allowed Dad to help with repositioning me and being there to support me. He was nervous to have a doula because he wanted to be the main support. Florencia was so involved yet never felt like too much. She captured some stunning pictures of me in pain hahahahha! No but really, I didn't even realize she had taken so many pictures and recorded my daughter's birth. I'm so blessed to have these memories to look back on now because it all happens so fast and with the pain you tend to forget. Florencia also took notes throughout my 23 hour labor so I have a timeline of how everything happened! She's very much a down to earth easy going and super easy to talk to doula! She came in like Mary Poppins with a bag of tricks. I wasn't wanting to nap so she brought out a light projector and some soothing sounds on her speaker to relax us. I couldn't have asked for a better experience other than my epidural wearing off but in all honesty I don't know how I would have done it any other way! There were tears, sweat, screaming but also so much laughter as you can see in the pictures! Thank you so much!!!!!

Ashley (August 2022)

My husband and I were looking for a doula that we could build a relationship with and with Florencia we got just that. She was amazing throughout our pregnancy and birth journey and taught us very valuable information. She always let us make our own decisions and gave us her unbiased opinions. We couldn't have had the great experience we did without her and we highly recommend her!

Lorraine (June 2022)

Having Florencia as our doula made our pregnancy and birth experience significantly safer and more enjoyable. She did phenomenal work supporting us emotionally while educating us on various birth topics on each visit, she's very well prepared. We decided to add a pre birth and postpartum session and we're very glad we did! She's reliable, quick to respond, and passionate about her work. We look forward to having her again on our second child.

Luis (June 2022)

I have been meaning to write this review for some time but becoming a mother has kept me busy! I cannot say enough about Florencia's support during this chapter of my life. This is my first baby and even though I've helped with my nieces and nephews, I learned TONS of new things through her and her Zoom sessions. My sisters and my mother thought it was so great that I found this while I was pregnant because it just makes your "village" stronger and the bigger the village, the better it is for the baby. If you're looking for a natural/non-overwhelming doula, here she is. Florencia is a natural at this and seeing it come easy to her puts the new mama at ease. After every session, I looked at my husband and said "I'm so glad I did this". Thank you Florencia for being there for me then and still today.

Nancy (February 2022)

Florencia is amazing! I cannot say enough about her and what her presence brought me during labor. Her calming spirit put me completely at ease. She believed in me, cheered me on and helped educate me in the process. This was my third baby but first time utilizing a doula. There's no way I'll go through another delivery without her there!!! If you're wondering whether or not to have her on your journey...the answer is, YES! Do it!

Tara (January 2022)

Oh, where do I start? My wife and I decided to get doula services for our first baby. We interviewed many doulas, and found Florencia. She was absolutely the right pick. Many first time parents do not realize just how many decisions large or small face them during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Florencia has been an incredible help for us along the journey. My wife's birth had some complications, and Florencia was there to help us ask the right questions. What we thought was going to be an easy labor, turned out to be a 72 hour ordeal, and Florencia was there to support us the entire time. While I fully believe that our medical team made right decisions, we felt a lot more comfortable fully understanding what a particular procedure entailed. In addition, something that was so hard to quantify, is the emotional support. Going through the process is scary, exciting and overwhelming. While medical professionals can pop in and out of your room, Florencia was there for us to calm, support and provide support. She is a wonderful doula and became our friend in the process. I can honestly say that she had a huge impact and I am not sure I could have handled it without her. If you are pregnant I highly recommend getting doula services and if you're getting a doula, I give a full 5STAR+ to Florencia and highly recommend her!

P.S. We also took a babywearing class, and she helped us to pick the right baby carrier for our needs.

P.S.2. When you interview Florencia you will immediately see how passionate she is about birthing and empowering women and families about the process. She is very responsive, reliable and punctual.

Max (December 2021)

This is long overdue! Florencia was more than amazing. She was truly a lifesaver!! I have extremely bad anxiety when it comes to medical or dental pain, medicine, and procedures. (Like fainting spells) From our first phone call, I already felt a great connection. When my wife and I had our first meeting with her, my worries were already put at ease. She coached and educated us not just on the labor process but also our dynamic as a couple postpartum. Her energy was what we needed in the labor room and after. Because of her coaching, labor was a breeze. I was able to ease my anxiety and slept a majority of the time. After about 15 hours of being induced, I woke up a few times and lastly at 9cm and was ready to push. The recovery was harder than the whole labor process! She took amazing footage of everything. I recommend Florencia for prenatal, labor, and postpartum services!! Thank you so much for helping us through this memorable experience. We couldn't have done it without you!

Charlene (August 2021)

What an amazing experience it was to walk into motherhood with Florencia! Because we had recently moved, Florencia worked with us remotely. The first thing Florencia did was invite me to the weekly "Mama Village" zoom call. This was so valuable to meet other first time and veteran moms and get my questions answered. I garnered so much wisdom from their experiences and from Florencia's knowledge and left every session feeling more confident and prepared. When the day finally came, Florencia was there, ready to FaceTime, call and text both me and my birth partner. I wanted to have my baby with as few medical interventions as possible, so Florencia guided me through the options that were given to me by the staff at the hospital. She affirmed my choices while giving me statistics and options as we weighed the pros and cons of what the hospital staff recommended. Although she couldn't physically be there, she supposed us through our entire hospital stay and gave me lots of positions and exercises to try to hasten the arrival of our baby girl. It was wonderful being so empowered and having a knowledgeable and empowering voice who helped me advocate for the birth I wanted! With Florencia's help, we were able to have that. What an incredible experience!

Colleen (June 2021)

We had such a wonderful experience with Florencia. I would highly recommend a doula for anybody who has specific goals for their birth experience! She really rounded our the team between my husband applying counter pressures and her encouraging words. I tried to use the birthing recordings I had on my phone that I had practiced with, but in the moment of labor they annoyed me. Florencia became my live recording and constantly said positive encouraging words and reminded me to go back to my breath. She has been through several births herself and I felt very empowered by her presence. She is super passionate about the birthing process and aiding mothers in a gentle yet powerful way. She followed up with us after and stayed in contact to help us through the postpartum/"4th trimester" phase. Oh, and the pictures she took of our labor journey and our brand new family were incredible! Will treasure them forever. Thank you, Florencia!

Amy (June 2021)

Florencia was a much needed light for my wife and I after bringing our triplets home from the NICU. We instantly loved her energy from our first call and we couldn't have felt more comfortable with her in our home with our boys. She has her eyes on not only the babies but us mamas and our older daughter. She encouraged so many special moments for us and helped us carve out time for self care. Even better she captured so many of those moments along the way, snapping pictures when we didn't have hands to do so! We'd recommend Florencia to all expecting and new mamas out there.

Veronica (March 2021)

Working with Florencia during my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum has been the most incredible experience. Due to COVID Florencia was not able to be in my delivery room but she went above and beyond providing support virtually. Florencia kept me very calm and talked my husband and I through my delivery. Florencia is very knowledgeable and always made sure to give me unbiased information. She has a way of making you feel very empowered and capable of anything. In the end, I had a very beautiful delivery. The best part of Joyful Journey's doula services was the postpartum support that I received from Florencia. She was at my house the 2nd day we got home. She made it a point to check on me in all aspects; mentally, emotionally and physically. Her services continued throughout the following weeks. She continuously checked in on me and made sure I was adjusting well to my new life as a mommy. Florencia provided me with help in breastfeeding, physical recovery, baby-wearing, photography and several other aspects of the 4th trimester. She is quick to respond at any time of day. I'd highly recommend Joyful Journey to anyone looking to have a memorable delivery and/or pregnancy experience.

Michelle (February 2021)

I don't know where to start but I am happy and grateful to have had you on one of the most important days of my life, you were a great supporter on this journey not only for me, you were also for my husband and our baby boy and for that I'm always thankful.

Karla (February 2021)

Florencia was more than a doula to our family; she was a birth mentor, support system, and friend. She helped us achieve the unmedicated birth we always wanted. She guided me as a mommy-to-be in our mommy group by encouraging me to do research and take classes, bringing in guest-speaking mamas, and answering every question I had! Her goal was to make me feel educated about both the labor and mommy experience, help create a birth plan and learn to advocate for myself, and remind me that not all births go exactly to plan. When my birthing time came, I went in confident, advocated for myself, and breathed my beautiful baby boy right out of me. She followed up after to make sure I was ok physically and emotionally! Thank you, Florencia!!

Amanda (November 2020)